Sometimes, people go underground or skip out of the area altogether to avoid their payments and obligations. Loss portfolios can develop into extensive and expensive situations for any creditor, bank or finance company. Your local recovery services may not be able help in these situations, as they usually require intense efforts and resources to locate these type of assets.

RepoCanada Network Ltd. specializes in locating and recovering charge off/write off and salvage collateral that many other Bailiffs and 3rd party recovery systems have given up on. We have a locate and recovery rate of over 70% and are second to none in this enterprise.

We also network with other agencies in other countries from time to time. We have located and seized collateral all across Canada, as well as the United States, Mexico and other countries in Central and South America.

Want results instead of excuses? Contact us now to discuss your options and our strategies to locate and seize your security.

Skip Trace locate
RepoCanada Network Ltd. has the most experienced network of skip tracers, researchers and investigators on our team across the country – hands down. Our members utilize contacts and resources established from decades of industry experience creating a wide net across the country and beyond.
Collateral Seizure
RepoCanada Network Ltd. has a dedicated organization located across Canada and the territories enabling us to move quickly to secure your property once it has been located. Our members are seasoned veterans in their area and possess the training and experience to get the job done.
We have a variety of resources available to transport your collateral to any auction house or impound facility in the country. Fully insured and reliable, we will get your security to where you want it to go fast and safe.
Repo File Management
Need someone to manage your repossession needs across Canada? RepoCanada Network Ltd. can take care of repo file distribution, coordination and transport across the country. We can provide a worry free service customized to meet your needs.